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"Chris was willing to take me on as a long-term project. My SAT score was lagging behind all my other academic achievements. Over the course of three months Chris taught me many concepts and gave me ways I could teach myself to improve in between lessons. My score went up by 400 points. Thanks so much, Chris!"

Sofia R., Bellevue

"Jonas is an excellent, flexible, amusing, entertaining, and effective piano teacher. My old teacher barely talked about technique at all, I’ve gotten much better since starting with Jonas. Especially recommended if you want to improve quickly."

Donald P., Green Lake

"I knew I couldn’t study for the GRE by myself as soon as I saw the first page of math questions. Jason makes dusting off a decade of math a matter of a little study; one of my classmates even helped me out, too, and I’m now a grad student in a field I’m passionate about."

Ron W., Fremont

"Allion knows what he’s doing. He quickly figured out exactly what needed work with my piano technique and came up with a lesson plan for drilling into the right habits. After a couple of months, I already am playing much more correctly, and better than ever before!"

Matt J., First Hill

"Alex is a wonderful tutor for our kids (8, 12, and 15), very age-appropriate with his lesson plans."

Ross R., Redmond

“Chris is a great teacher. I didn’t know that test prep could be fun. I also didn’t expect to use the skills outside the SAT.”

Rajat S., Redmond

“Guitar lessons with John are a blast, I’ve been playing for only six months and I’m completely obsessed, gearing up for my first concert.”

Jimmy W., Seattle

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