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206 Tutoring partners with various Seattle-area schools to offer before- and after-school programs in math, science, music, languages, and other topics. Our classes, which range from 5 to 15 students in size, have been an extraordinary way for local PTSAs to supplement general education with individual attention from devoted and competent experts, for us to reach as many students as possible in a relaxed and inspiring setting, and for kids to learn as much as they can, at the best time in their life!

We provide remedial and enrichment opportunities in conventional and non-traditional subjects to elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools, or scroll to the bottom to check out our full catalogue of offerings.

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Math Practice and Math Club

Math! Many elementary schools barely teach it at all, kids either find themselves bored or overwhelmed, and parents have trouble helping with it. Our two types of math classes are designed to solve both problems.

Math help is for students looking to improve their basic skills and catch up with their peers. Falling behind can happen to anyone—it’s very common for kids’ learning styles to not match with modern math instruction—so our math teachers are trained to employ a number of methods, work with students individually, and otherwise use the small class size to foster a supportive group-learning environment.

Math club is for students looking to take their math skills to the next level! In elementary-school math clubs, we’ve taught everything from “Hearts” strategy to sports analysis to advanced topics like systems of equations and non-linear functions. With our dynamic teachers, kids discover their interests, get ahead of the curve, learn it’s cool to be smart, and have a blast.


Reading Club and Creative Writing

Reading and writing! Everybody needs them, but today’s media environment, dominated by Snapchat, Instagram, and other image-based platforms, doesn’t encourage the development of kids’ language skills. Our instructors are English-literature majors, professional freelancers, and college lecturers who love teaching the youngest and most creative generations how to express themselves. We pair engaging children’s literature with fun creative-writing assignments to blow the dust off the academic essay and teach kids to rock the written word as much as they do good, old-fashioned face-to-face communication.

teacher reading

Hands-On Science

Science! Growing up, who didn’t love climbing a tree, feeding a squirrel, or pulling apart a pinecone? Our hands-on science classes encourage the same kind of creativity and discovery in a more academic setting, with an emphasis on safety and understanding the world around us. Our instructors hold degrees in science and use their knowledge to make explosions, study crystals, and impart a sense of wonder—think Bill Nye meets Planet Earth meets Stephen Hawking.

science class

Fun And Games

Games! Everyone plays them, but how many understand them? We bring in instructors with fitting academic backgrounds and a passion for gaming to share their experiences—and strategies—with groups of all ages. Activities include deconstructing classic games, learning contemporary board games, competing and collaborating in card games, psychology and gaming, and exploring the job market in Seattle’s massive and burgeoning games industry. A hit at all levels of elementary and secondary education.



Music! Seattle abounds in opportunities for kids of all ages, regardless of instrument, genre, or aspiration, but many lose interest due to instruction becoming too competitive, too isolating, or too costly. Our two types of music classes fix all these problems: group classes in either a single instrument or ensemble teach kids to work together, while master classes allow students to learn, and draw inspiration from, their peers.







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