Mission Statement

The approach to education in 21st-century America results too often in anxiety, frustration and stress. Too many tutors exacerbate these stresses by promoting or profiting from a high-stakes environment: assigning homework or worksheets of their own, demanding the wrong things of their students, or otherwise misunderstanding their role.

The way we see it, our job is the opposite of that.

206 Tutoring exists because we want to work against the worst aspects of school (and music lessons), and embody the best ones.

We teach to make learning more worthwhile and more fun for our students.

We tutor to relieve anxiety and frustration and stress.

We tutor to help our students spend less time on homework, and more time on the things they love to do.

We promote a relaxing and comfortable environment. We encourage our students to ask questions about the material and their interests. We cultivate a disposition for curiosity.

Working with 206 Tutoring, students feel like themselves, can put each difficulty in the right context, and focus on solving it.

About Chris Morris-Lent

I grew up in Seattle, attending public schools from kindergarten onward, and graduating from Garfield High School in 2006. I have a B.A. from Columbia in English literature. I’ve been tutoring since 2007 and have also worked as a writer, an editor, a researcher, and a software tester. I founded 206 Tutoring to give students from all walks of life access to high-quality instructors who are committed to sharing their skills with the world, through teaching.

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